Mitrex Building-Integrated Solar Technology

At Mitrex, we have developed ways for aesthetically-pleasing solar panels to be directly integrated into building façades. Our revolutionary building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems offer architects, engineers, building owners, and investors the opportunity to embrace and profit from solar energy without compromising beauty. We fulfill any aesthetic desire, building efficiency need, or safety requirement. In urban areas, traditional rooftop solar panels offer poor design choices and are limited by roof space. However, we believe that solar energy systems shouldn’t be limited in this way. Mitrex BIPV products include cladding and railing systems that have frameless modules, hidden mounting, homogeneous surfaces, and can feature the appearance of any material or colour. At Mitrex, we envision a world where solar energy is generated by any surface touched by the sun.

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Mitrex Building-Integrated Solar Technology
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